Logo Design

We work to create not just your logo, but your brand. Your typography, color pallets, iconography, and tone of voice all tell a story to your customers and clients. We can help you craft that story.

A few stories we’ve told

Beauty & Bliss With Lyss

Artisan Tiny Homes

Texas Tiny House Jamboree

Angler Electric

Urban Haven Dallas

Bridgestone Homes

Melissa Konrad

Terraform Tiny Homes

Brashear Investments

The Logo Design Process


Every logo design project begins a deep dive to understand your business. To begin, fill out our Brand Development Worksheet, which can be DOWNLOADED HERE. This worksheet helps to define your business, you competitors, and your clients and customers. It will help us learn your business and start our reserch.



We research your market, top competitors, and personal needs. Every market and every client is unique and this extra step helps to make sure your business stands out.

Get Inspired

This is where the fun part begins. We will provide inspiration, mood boards, sketches, or whatever needs to be done to help you get a loose idea of what the final brand could be.


We will create one or many logo options for you to review. Typically we will go through a few rounds of revisions, feedback, and perfection to bring your brand to life.


Once your logo design is approved, you will be sent a digital invoice. Once payment is received, your logo is yours to do with as you like. Feel free to use it in-house, send it to printers, or we are always here to help you with future branding projects. We will send you all the files you may ever need to run your business.

Follow Up

Once your brand is established we are here to help you with business cards, billboards, your website or whatever else you may need to get your business up and running.

Ready to revamp your current brand or start something new?